Fibaro carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide detectors are, in general, unsightly and when the alarm sounds, there is little we can really do if we are not at home. But today we are discovering a more special detector.

It’s the Fibaro carbon monoxide detector! Design, small and above all Z-Wave compatible, let’s see what he has in his stomach!

Fibaro carbon monoxide detector />

Carbon monoxide

What is it? What is it?

Before you start, do you really know what carbon monoxide is?

For those who do not know, carbon monoxide is a gas that results from incomplete combustion, whether with wood, butane, coal, natural gas, etc.

It is colorless, odourless, and has a density close to that of air. It is therefore impossible for a human being to detect it and yet it is extremely dangerous.

It acts as an asphyxiant gas which, when inhaled, binds to hemoglobin.

  • 0.1% of carbon monoxide in the air kills in 1 hour
  • 1% of carbon monoxide in the air kills in 15 minutes
  • 10% of carbon monoxide in the air kills instantly.

Every year, about 5,000 people are poisoned by carbon monoxide. However, solutions can be put in place to reduce this risk. And the CO Fibaro detector is one of them!


This CO detector from Fibaro is sold in a classic box that is faithful to Fibaro codes.

The Fibaro carbon monoxide detector is very small. It measures 65x28mm and its design is quite charming.

The material used is plastic with an aluminium contour for the grid.

It has a button on the top allowing all interactions

Features and functions

This carbon monoxide detector is compatible with the Z-Wave protocol. It can therefore be included in a network to trigger scenarios such as shutting off a gas valve or sending a notification to your smartphone.

To include it, go to inclusion mode on your box and then it will be enough to press three times quickly, several times, on the (only) button of the box. The detector can then take two states: alarm and no alarm.

And as you might expect, it will be possible to create scenarios with these two states! You will not be able to turn off the gas if you have a valve connected, or activate a VMC to evacuate the gas.


When the detector rings, it is possible to receive notifications on your smartphone. We know many methods to do this (IFTTT, VoIP, Mail, SMS…) but today we will see how to do it with an application dedicated to notifications.

The latter can be used for any other scenario later on. First, go to the pushingbox site, click on “Login With Google” in the top right corner

Then log in with the Google account that is on your smartphone!


This carbon monoxide detector does its job very well. It is small, pretty and its design allows it to be integrated into any home.

Very easy to install and use, all you have to do is put the battery in to make it work.

Z-Wave compatibility is a real plus that allows you to create scenarios according to the situation. Of course, you can do much more than just receive a notification on a smartphone!